Original Disney Inspired Mouse Ears from Modern Mouse Boutique

Whenever I head to the Disney Parks, I love to wear mouse ears! Shopping in the parks, I find that a lot of the adorable headband styles hurt my head. Like, really, who has a head that small?! When I found Modern Mouse Boutique I immediately fell in love with their huge selection of Disney inspired mouse ears. If you are looking for unique mouse ears, this shop is definitely for you.

Captain Hook Modern Mouse Boutique

I had the chance to talk with Modern Mouse Boutique shop owners, Josh and Angie, about their business and designs. I think it’s great when you can learn a little about who and what are behind these great Disney inspired companies.

“We decided to open Modern Mouse Boutique because Angie has trouble with the ears they sell at the Disney parks. She finds that some headbands give her headaches and also wanted to create a more ‘Disneybound’ look.”

I’m with you there, Angie! Those headbands give me a headache after just a couple of minutes. Honestly, when I buy a pair of headband style mouse ears in the parks, I carry them around in my park bag and only pull them out for pictures.

“We started in the Fall of 2014 just after a trip to Disneyland a few months prior in May. We haven’t really looked back ever since. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to quit both of our jobs and work on Modern Mouse Boutique and Network1901.com, our Disney blog that includes YouTube videos, podcasts, and articles, on a full time basis.”

Josh and Angie are seriously living my dream! Everyday at work I daydream about quitting the old 9 to 5 and working for myself. Way to go guys!

Modern Mouse Boutique creates a number of unique Disney inspired looks. Whether you are interested in the characters or in the Disney Parks, there is a design for you. Check out these attractions inspired ears below. Can you guess which attractions they are channeling here?

Carousel of Progress Modern Mouse Boutique Space Mountain Modern Mouse Boutique

“I (Josh) personally love the ones that represent some of my favorite characters and attractions. Woody and Buzz, Wall-E, Space Mountain, and Carousel of Progress. Angie really enjoys all of them but still lingers on the Ariel ears which have always been our biggest seller and the ears that really got us making enough money to do this full time.”

So, if you guessed Carousel of Progress and Space Mountain, you are absolutely right! These are actually two of my favorite designs as well. I love wearing ears that other guests are not going to have. If you look at a Disney Parks map, you could probably figure out Space Mountain. But, I really love how the Carousel of Progress ears would only be recognized by true Disney fans and Cast Members. It’s like being in a secret club!

Speaking of us being in a club now…

Check out these UP inspired ears!

UP Mouse Ears UP Scout Mouse Ears

I am planning a trip to Walt Disney World in November and my friend and I are already planning our outfits to coordinate with these amazing matching ears. These UP inspired mouse ears are perfect for best friends or siblings. But honestly, you could just pick your favorite (if possible) and wear alone for a totally unique look.

Josh mentioned that Angie loves the the Ariel inspired ears. By taking a look at their shop, that love is clear to see! Modern Mouse Boutique has a ton of mermaid inspired designs. No matter what color you are looking for, they have it!

Pink Mermaid Modern Mouse Boutique Gold Mermaid Modern Mouse Boutique Blue Mermaid Modern Mouse Boutique

Take a look at that amazing detail! Each mermaid pair includes a Dinglehopper; a very important mermaid accessory! Also, take a look at the right ear. It’s shaped like a seashell! It’s little details like this that make all the difference in style and quality.

So, how long does it take to 1) put to together a completely perfect pair of ears? 2) run a successful Disney shop and blog? I asked Josh to find out.

“Between the two of us, we work an 8-10 hour day and can get around 8-10 headbands done so I would have to say we average an hour of labor into every set. That’s everything from cutting fabrics and shapes, sewing, adding details, cleaning, and then packaging for shipment. We really love what we do though and we do put in long hours, sometimes 16 hour days just to get everything out on time, but when we look back at our old jobs we would rather work 80 hours doing this than 40 hours for someone else.”

What’s that old saying? If you love what you do than you never work a day in your life? It sounds to me like Josh and Angie and chasing that ideal!

It’s pretty clear that I have fallen head over heals for these ears. If you are also drooling on your keyboard, I have great news! Modern Mouse Boutique has shared a coupon code. I  know, best day ever right? Just enter ILOVEMMB at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.

Happy shopping!

What do you think of these Disney inspired designs from Modern Mouse Boutique? Which pair is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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