Do you know about the Laline X Mickey Mouse Collection?

Okay, I thought I was pretty up to date with Disney news and collaborations. But today I found one that I had no idea about! Am I the only one that was in dark, or is this to you too?

Laline, Israel’s leading chain for cosmetics and lifestyle products for your body and soul, has a Mickey Mouse inspired collection. And it looks absolutely heavenly. Before we get to the products, I just have to share the Laline Values.

Take a Laline moment.

Don’t believe in perfection. Believe in perfect moments.

Little pleasures create great moments.

Happiness is not a goal, it is a state of mind.

Your body is the temple of your spirit.

Be yourself. It’s the perfect way to be unique.

The best way to cheer yourself up, is to cheer someone else.

The greatest pleasures are the ones you create for yourself.


I’m pretty much won over by just this little piece of prose. Add Mickey Mouse to the mix and I’m hooked! Here is a closer look at the Mickey inspired products.

Body Cream – $22.95

Mickey’s secret to soft skin. This extra silky body cream will caress your body with Lavender and Chamomile Oils and as well as pure Dead Sea water leaving your skin beautiful and fragrant like a Cherry Blossom dream. Paraben free.

Hand Cream – $14.95


Mickey’s favorite hand cream. With a heavenly scent of Cherry Blossom, this refreshingly light hand cream is instantly absorbed while hydrating and calming your skin with Glycerin and Chamomile, for hands that feel velvety smooth. Paraben free.

Shower Gel – $19.95



Pamper yourself with Mickey’s magical bubbles.

Body Mist – $21.95

Spray your Mickey happiness all day. This gentle body mist will enrich your skin with Vitamin B while embracing you with Mickey’s favorite dreamy Cherry Blossom scent. Paraben free.

Mickey Blast – $59.85

For those who are nostalgic yet don’t compromise on quality. The package contains: Hand Cream 100 gr, Body Cream 275 gr, and Body Mist 150 ml.

From the packagine (very chic!), the the descriptions – I want it all! The Body Mist and Hand Cream are particularly calling to me. All products are described as a Cherry Blossom fragance. And Laline gives a little insight into exactly what that means:

Cherry Blossom: Inspired by the white Sakura blossom, the Japanese Cherry, which announces the arrival of spring. The Cherry Blossom brings with it flowering, nourishing and renewal, fi­lling the heart with optimism and excitement. Mood: Free 

Yep, I’m in love! Have you heard of this collection already? Have you tried it?! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I just found this at pier 39 in SF! had to google it to see if it was legit or not. bought the body cream.. expensive, but it smells amazing!

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