Disneybound Your Favorite Disney Villains with Dresses from Wishes and Wands

What is it about the Disney Villains that completely draws us in? Is it the story-line, the musical numbers, or the fashion? It’s no secret that the Disney Villains know how to seriously rock an outfit and make it work! If you are looking to capture a bit of Disney Villain style in your own life, these dresses from Wishes and Wands are the perfect choice!

WishesandWands Maleficent WishesandWands Queen of Hearts

I had the opportunity to learn a little more about this awesome shop and what goes into making these amazing Disney creations.

Wishes and Wands is a company ran by two sisters, Brittany and Kenzie. “We absolutely love Disney. We actually started out by making ears as a way to pass time in between Disney Trips. We would sit around and make ears and watch YouTube videos or listen to music from the parks, and it really kept the magic going for us when we couldn’t be at Disney.”

Every Disney fan has been there! You are either dreaming of your next trip, or counting down the days until you’re back at Disney. It’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one who listens to Disney Parks music while I’m at home.

“We really love Villains. After all you couldn’t have a hero with out them! I’m all about details and finding ways to execute them. With Maleficent, it would have been easy to just make a black dress with purple down the front but I don’t do “easy”! Maleficent HAD to have her infamous green flames! The same can be said about Gaston and his quiver! When we make a villain or an unconventional character, we are really thinking about the whole family dressing up! How cute would Grandpa be wearing our Stinky Pete shirt while little Buzz and Woody run around Main Street?! There are more villains in the works that will definitely be seen in our shop soon!”

WishesandWands Gaston WishesandWands Dr Facilier

And just look at the details! The Dr. Facilier dress is completely perfect with his signature tooth necklace. The Queen of Hearts dress is a complete look all by itself. Just throw on some red or black shoes (heels for party, sneakers for the Parks), and your look is complete!

Brittany and Kenzie definitely pay close attention to detail to capture the essence of these characters. With Halloween right around the corner, how perfect would these dresses be? I love to Disneybound at the Disney Parks, and dresses like these are just perfect for it.

“Although Disney doesn’t allow adults to wear costumes in the parks outside of Halloween, our clothes are a kind of loop hole that would allow people to dress as their favorites, and still be able to wear them to the parks. It’s like taking Disney Bounding to the next level. We started out with Prince and Princesses in 2015 and it just expanded from there.”

In my own life, my sister and I have dreamed of opening a business together for several years. But Brittany and Kenzie have actually made it happen for themselves!

Brittany has a art background that she combines with her love for Disney. Basically, she’s living the dream! “When I design a piece I spend a lot time watching the movie and taking screenshots of it so that I can get it as accurate as possible. I mean have you seen Wall-E?? That thing is a work of art! I am constantly learning as I go and that’s so rewarding!”

Kenzie helps on the designs and handle the business side of things. “We do work together though, and spend a lot of time brainstorming new ideas. What haven’t we done yet? What could we do next that would be great to see in the parks?”

I cannot wait to see what designs they will come up with next! Can I put in my bid now for a Captain Hook dress?

Not only do they create amazing Disney Villain inspired dresses, Wishes and Wands has a whole treasure trove of Disney pieces. From Cast Member inspired designs, to Princess apparel, there really is something for every Disney fan!

Okay, are you ready for some AMAZING news? Wishes and Wands has shared a coupon code! Just enter TeaPartyTwenty at checkout and receive 20% off your order! I mean, how great is that?! The offer is good through September 30.

Do you Disneybound? What do you think of these Disney Villain inspired designs from Wishes and Wands? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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