Cool Off this Summer with Frozen Nail Wraps from Jamberry

Earlier this week I introduced you to the Marvel Collection from Jamberry. Well, now there are even more nail wraps to lust after. The Frozen Collection from Jamberry is here! The collection features icy blues, cool designs, are all our favorite Arendelle characters.

I found this collection completely by accident. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a big announcement for it yet. However, I’m not entirely surprised. Jamberry has a habit of falling behind on getting the world out there. For example, I was really shocked that that Marvel Collection wasn’t launched in tandem with the film Captain America: Civil War, and I was even more surprised that the wraps did not launch in time for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. And now with Frozen Fever winding down considerably, the Frozen Collection makes a silent debut. Come on, Jamberry! Get it together!

While the trend may be winding down, the wraps are amazing looking and definitely do not disappoint. Let’s take a look!

Jamberry Eternal WinterThese icy blue wraps are called Eternal Winter. They are completely gorgeous – but I think I would want to save these for the real Eternal Winter (a Michigan winter).

Jamberry Frozen in Time Jamberry Frozen in Time Jr

Frozen in Time features Anna and Elsa against a blue and purple, snowy backdrop. This style is also available in Junior sizing. I know my five year old niece would be all about these!

Jamberry Melt My Heart Jamberry Melt My Heart Jr

The design Melt My Heart features everyone favorite snowman, Olaf, and is also available in Junior sizing. The great thing about this collection is you could totally mix and match the wraps to create a custom manicure.

Jamberry Majestic Ice

Majestic Ice is my favorite design in the whole collection. I love the graphic aspect of the ice and Elsa looks downright fierce here!

Jamberry Nordic Blossoms

Stepping away from the icy color palette, Nordic Blossoms is all about Anna. Her classic dress from the film is recreated here in the design and it a super pretty motif.

What do you think of the Frozen Collection from Jamberry? Are you still in the midst of Frozen Fever, or are you starting to cool off? Let me know in the comments.

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