Why Stay at a Disney Value Resort?

When planning a Disney vacation, one of the very first things that you have to decide is where you are going to stay. Walt Disney World, and the surrounding Orlando area, offer so many different options and it can be overwhelming. Disney breaks their resorts down into three main categories (based on price): Value, Moderate, and Deluxe.

Throughout my numerous Disney experiences, I have stayed at a number of resorts ranging from All Star Sports to The Grand Floridian. Deluxe Resorts are fantastic, but there is still definitely something to be said for the Value Resorts.

Here are my top five reasons why you should consider staying at a Disney Value Resort.

Cost: Obviously, these are called Value Resorts for a reason. Starting at around $88/per night (price depends on the season), these resorts are easy on the bank account. Let’s face it, a Disney vacation is not cheap, and although there are tons of different ways to save money at Disney, my number one tip is to stay at a Value Resort if you are travelling on a budget.

Disney Experience: Just because you are saving money by booking a Value Resort doesn’t mean that you have to give up any of the perks of staying at a Disney Resort. All Value Resorts still include complimentary airport pick up and drop off through the Disney Express bus. No need to worry about collecting your bags or hailing a cab – just let the Disney Express do it all for you! Value Resorts also include complimentary transportation to and from all of the Disney Parks. You will also receive the same care and dedication from the Value Resorts Cast Members as you would if you booked a more expensive resort option.

Spending All Day in the Parks: When I go to Disney, I spend my whole day at the parks. I like to arrive just before the park opens and I usually stay until the park closes. Because of this, I really only use my resort for sleeping. If you are planning on spending the large majority of your time in the parks, why spend the money for all the extras that come with a Moderate or Deluxe Resort? Consider how you plan on spending your trip and let this help you make your decision on what type of resort to book.

Themeing: The Value Resorts are filled with larger than life throughout the properties to help bring the magic of Disney themeing to the area. Moderate and Deluxe resorts usually feature more subtle themeing, and a more cohesive story told through the design. The large icons and figures at the Value Resorts are usually a big hit with kids, and they offer great places to stop and take a photo. The Value Resorts are also decked out in more bright and bold colors than many of the other resorts on property.

Big Wheel Mickey Phone

Dining: Each Value Resort features its own food court, so you are never far away from a good meal. The food courts offer a wide variety of choices, so you can be sure that you will be able to find something that entices you. All Value Resort food courts are Quick Service Dining, and include in the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan. You won’t find a fancy sit down dinner at a Value Resort, but you will find quality food, a large variety, low prices, and quick service.

When choosing which Disney Resort to book for your vacation, consider what it is you are looking for. Do you want a place to relax and unwind after just a few hours in the park each day, or do you want a place to crash after you hit the parks hard for 13 hours? Are you looking for a resort with a number of different restaurants and dining options, or do you want a resort that provides quick and easy food without all the fuss?

If you want to know more about some of the different Value Resorts at Disney World, check of my reviews of All Star Sports and Pop Century.

Where do you like to stay when you go to Disney? Share your comments and suggestions with me!

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