Why Disney is My go-to Vacation Destination


I get quite a bit of flack from family and friends about my multiple trips to Walt Disney World.

“You’re going to Disney AGAIN?!”

“Why don’t you go somewhere else this time?”

“Haven’t you done everything there already?”

“It can’t be that great.”

Here you go naysayers – here are my reasons why Disney will always be my go-to vacation destination.

Warm Weather – I live in Michigan and the winters here can be pretty intense. Whether it be piles of snow, frigid temperature, or icy roads, winter is by far my least favorite season. I would love to move to Florida permanently, but in the meantime, a Disney vacation is the perfect excuse for me to jet to warmer weather. My favorite time to visit is in October when the average temperature is between 65-85 degrees. Perfect! It can be a real scorcher in the summer though with average highs around 95 degrees, so be sure to seek out some much needed AC.

Nostalgia – Let’s be honest, we all love Disney because of the nostalgia it gives us. Happy childhood memories of meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time, riding the Haunted Mansion and being terrified, and skipping down Main Street USA with my family is what keeps bringing me back over and over again. Disney has a way of making all of us relive our childhoods and the nostalgia that creates cannot be replicated anywhere else. I have an added nostalgia of my Disney College Program whenever I visit. For 6 magical months I lived and worked at Walt Disney World. Each time I have since visited, I am reminded of all the fun I had and all the friends I made.
Familiar and Different – All the familiar sights, sounds, tastes, and smells is what produces the nostalgia feeling. There are certain aspects of Disney World that have not changed; Cinderella Castle, Space Mountain, Dole Whips, Spaceship Earth. At the same time though, Disney World is always changing and evolving so there is something new to check out each time I visit. With all the changes in the pipeline for Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, there are sure to be new memories created for many more visits to come.
Food – Disney World definitely offers more than your typical theme park style food. There are many Disney food fanatics out there with their lists of must-eat foods, best restaurants, best snacks, etc. I know I have my own lists! Cotton candy, dole whips, Casey’s Corner, specialty apples and Le Cellier are just a few of my favorite things to indulge in while at the parks. Disney World is a great place to branch out with your food choices. Try something a little outside your comfort zone next time and you may find yourself with a new food favorite.
Acting like a kid again – Where else can you wear Mickey Mouse ears, eat cotton candy, and sing out loud in public without being taken away to an institution? I am a kid at heart and I love being able to let that side of me out at the parks. At Disney World, it is totally acceptable to be super excited to meet your favorite Princess or to big Eeyore a big hug!

Holiday Celebrations – As I mentioned, October is my favorite time to visit Disney World. This is because of all the fall decorations, Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, and Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. There is just something extra magical about Disney in the fall! Closely following October as my favorite time to visit is December. Christmas at Disney World is like no other joy I have ever experienced. Cinderella Castle all lit up with lights, The Osborne Family Spectacular of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios, and all the resorts trimmed to perfection are all perfect reasons to plan your next vacation

Osborne Lights
Excellent Service – Disney is known for its excellent guest service and Cast Members going above and beyond to make guests feel special. While I do feel that this service standard has slipped a little in recent years, Disney is still leading the industry in this aspect. When you are a made to feel valued and there are Cast Members that you can tell really care about their role in making your vacation extra magical that is just something that only Disney can provide.

Sure, there are other places where I could experience warm weather, or great service, or amazing food. But all at the same time with the added magic of nostalgia? I don’t think so!

What keeps you returning to Disney over and over again? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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