What We Bought Before Disney

Bought Before Disney

My vacation to Walt Disney World is fast approaching and I cannot even begin to tell you all how excited I am! The Magic Bands have arrived, packing has commenced, and we are counting down the days.

How do you prepare for a trip to WDW? I am an obsessive planner, so our trip is very organized and I even created a Disney Itinerary binder. I also always end up making quite a few purchases BEFORE my trip.

Here is a list of the items we purchased specifically with our trip to Disney World in mind.

Ponchos: I know from experience that it can rain pretty hard in Orlando, so before heading the parks I like to make sure I have a poncho in my park bag. I was lucky this time around, and found some good quality (although bright yellow and featuring the U of M logo) ponchos on clearance at Meijer for $1.75 last week. Poncho prices in the park can be a pretty penny, and I know that if it starts to rain, I will be very happy to have my cheap and durable pre-purchased poncho with me.

Pins: I purchased about 20 pins through a Disney Mom-to-Mom Facebook group a month or two ago. I didn’t care what the pins looked like or what characters were on them because I know I will be using them to trade for pins I like better once I am in the park. For 20 pins, I only paid $10.00 which is so much less than what I would have spent on 20 pins in the park! Consider looking on eBay and other sites to stock up before your trip.

Snacks: I am the type of guest who likes to get the park right away in the morning. There is no time for stopping to eat a leisurely breakfast when Peter Pan’s Flight and Space Mountain are calling my name! Instead, we bought a couple boxes of Cliff Bars during a good sale and with a coupon a couple weeks before our trip. The Cliff Bars won’t go bad, they are easy to pack, and are a great quick breakfast on the go, or a good emergency snack to have in your backpack in you get stuck in a long line.

Mouse Ears: I do plan on picking up a new pair of Ears on my first day in Magic Kingdom, but, well, I was really excited and on Etsy and I just couldn’t stop myself. I bought some very plan mouse ear headbands and then I added my own fabric bows to them. Each completed headband cost me less than $10.00 apiece and now I can mix and match which pair I wear each day in the parks.

Battery Pack: This is a bit of a bigger ticket item, but we felt it would make our lives a lot easier while on vacation. Aaron bought us an extra battery pack for our smartphones. There are a whole slew of different battery packs available, but we went pretty simple with ours. The pack holds 2 additional charges, which means that we can each re-charge our phones once a day. This is the perfect amount for us! With a battery pack, you can also plug your phone in, through it in your back pack and let it charge while you watch a show or eat lunch. You don’t have to worry about trying to find an outlet and taking a break out of your day to re-charge.

Fitbit Charger: This was another purchase that I bought just to make my life a little easier. I love my Fitbit and I am excited to see how many steps I walk each day as I am dragging Aaron all around WDW. The problem is, Fitbits only come with a USB adapter to charge using your computer. I don’t plan on bringing my computer with me to Disney. I found a wall charger on Amazon for $13.00 that works with my Fitbit and ordered it right away. Although it was from a third party seller, it worked great and I am happy that my battery will be full each day.

What do you buy before Disney? Is there anything that you wish you would have had during your last trip? Let me know in the comments!

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