Top Mid-Day Break Spots at Magic Kingdom

Florida’s heat and humidity can be brutal in the peak summer months and nothing will drag your day down quicker than a mid-day meltdown. With all the excitement that the park has to offer, there are also many places to slip away and enjoy a mid-day break. Catch some air conditioning, relax your body and your mind, and give your tired feet a rest. Here are my top spots to take a mid-day break at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.


The People Mover: Jump on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and experience the park from a whole new view. The whole experience takes 10 minutes, but if you or your little ones need a longer break, you can stay on for another loop. I also suggest taking another ride once it gets dark for a different view of the park.

Hall of Presidents: With a run time of 23 minutes, a dark and air-conditioned room, and comfortable seats, this attraction is a great place to let everyone rest and cool down during the peak heat hours of the day. Located in Liberty Square, this attraction is a great choice to check out after lunch. Let your food digest and take a break before plummeting down Splash Mountain.


Carousel of Progress: I really love this attraction, and do suggest trying to stay awake for the 20 minute show. However, this is another dimly lit, air-conditioned show that allows you to take a break and be transported to a “great big beautiful tomorrow.” You will walk away from the show humming a new tune and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Main Street USA: Take some time to wander through all the shops while your kids are taking a nap in their strollers, or the rest of your group is waiting for the parade to start – just make sure they save you a seat! Sometimes it’s really nice to just wander around without feeling rushed, and pick up a souvenir for yourself while you’re at it.


Mickey’s PhilharMagic: This is one of my favorite attractions and I usually like to try to get here around mid day. This is another air-conditioned and dark show, with usually very short wait times. Donald Duck will lead you on an adventure during this 12 minute 3-D concert movie.

Shady Benches: All around the park, especially in Fantasyland you can find shady benches to relax and people watch. I almost always opt-out of riding the Tea Cups and instead choose to relax in the shade and enjoy the moment.

Whether you are looking for a quiet spot in the shade to take a little snooze, or a relaxing show to watch while you cool down from the heat, Magic Kingdom is filled with spots to take a mid-day break. The next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed and everyone is starting to get a little cranky, head to one of these spots and recharge yourself. Even Mickey Mouse has to take a cheese break every now and then.


**The photos used in this article are not my own**

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