Top Mid Day Break Spots at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Lions, and Monkeys, and Elephants! Oh my! Animal Kingdom is a park where you can have an adventure, climb Everest, and visit Asia and Africa all in one day. All that adventuring can get tiresome, but don’t worry; there are plenty of places to take a nice mid-day break! Here are my top mid-day break spots at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Flame Tree BBQ: One of the most popular restaurants at Animal Kingdom, Flame Tree BBQ offers up some great food and a relaxing atmosphere. You can dine while overlooking the Discovery River. For extra peace, quiet, and relaxation – head to the very back of the seating area and you will find some secluded tables. It’s the perfect place to take a mid-day break and fill your stomach at the same time.

Finding Nemo Musical: This 40 minute show brings all the characters of Finding Nemo to life with skilled puppetry. Enjoy the show in the cool, dark theatre while you give your feet a break and cool down for the break. You’ll leave the show feel refreshed, but you won’t feel like you missed out on anything while taking your break!

Wildlife Express Train: This 7 minute, 1.2 mile journey takes you on a backstage tour of Animal Kingdom. Use this train as a short mid-day break, and learn about animal conversation along the way. This is a great attraction for those who are interested in animals, nature, conservation efforts, and behind-the-scenes Disney magic.

Flights of Wonder Bird Show: Relax under a canvas canopy while you watch (and sometimes participate in) this 25 minute show. Although in the shade of the canvas, this is an outdoor show, so look elsewhere if you are seeking some air-conditioning. The hosts of this show introduce you to a ton of different birds in an informative and very funny way. I am not the biggest fan of birds, but I love catching this show every time I’m at Animal Kingdom.

Festival of the Lion King: One of Disney’s most popular live action attraction, this 30 minute show will take you right into all the adventure, magic, and beauty of the Lion King. Located in an air conditioned amphitheater, this is the perfect attraction for when you are looking to get off your feet for a while, but still be thoroughly entertained. Sing along with all your favorite songs from the movie, and enjoy your mid-day break here.

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail: After your Kilimanjaro Safari is over, follow the signs for the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. This trail is designed to be explore at your own pace, which is the perfect set up when you are looking for a little break in the day without feeling the need to rush. This attraction is entertaining, informative, and relaxing. Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the afternoon while you re-charge for the rest of your day and many more adventures.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is all about adventure and exploration, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be overwhelmed and exhausted. Enjoy a mid-day break at one of these spots and refuel for moving on to the next adventure. With the beautiful landscaping, theming, and natural elements that fill Animal Kingdom, any spot can make a beautiful place for a mid-day break.

Where do you like to relax at Animal Kingdom? Share your favorite spots with me in the comments!

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