Top 5 Snacks at Epcot


All Disney Dining plans include at least one snack option, and snack options are plentiful throughout the parks. In a new series of posts I will highlight the best snacks (in my opinion) in each park.

I previously shared my Top 5 Snacks at Magic Kingdom where I look at everything from Cotton Candy to French Onion Soup. Now I’m taking on Epcot!

Top 5 Snacks at Epcot

But first a small disclaimer – this post will feature snacks that are available year-round at Epcot. In other words, I am not covering Food and Wine Festival food here. Let’s be honest – this is mostly because there is NO WAY I could narrow down Food and Wine Festival to 5 items…

School Bread – Kringla Bakeri og Kafe (Norway)

Sweet Cardamom Bun filled with Vanilla Crème Custard and topped with Glazed and Toasted Coconuts. This snack is the perfect treat for any time of year! $3.19

Croissant Jambon Fromage – Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (France)

This snack is a true bargain! You get a whole sandwich – ham, cheese and béchamel in a croissant for only $4.75 or one snack credit. This is a perfect choice for breakfast, lunch, or a mid afternoon snack.

Crème Brulee – Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (France)

While you are already at Les Halles, you might as well grab yourself a dessert too. Crème Brulee is such a decadent dessert, go ahead and treat yourself and satisfy your sweet tooth. $4.50

Chinese BBQ Pork Buns – Joy of Tea (China)

I like when snack credits can double as a meal. Sure, a pretzel is great, but if I’m honest, I really want something a bit more satisfying. That’s why the Chinese BBQ Pork Buns at Joy of Tea are a great use of a snack credit. $4.50

Churros with Mexican Caramel Sauce – La Cantina de San Angel (Mexico)

Yes, these really are as good as they sound! These treats are sweet, crunchy, and perfect for walking around and enjoying World Showcase. Just make sure to get enough for everyone, because you are not going to want to share . $4.25

Epcot is a hub for foodies, especially World Showcase. Finding snack options is not a difficult task here, but narrowing down your favorites can be! What snacks do you like to enjoy at Epcot? Are there any great finds missing from my list? Let me know in the comments!

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