Top 10 Ways to Save Time at Walt Disney World


Disney World is very large and very packed with must-see and must-do events and attractions. Planning how to fit it all in can be stressful and exhausting. However, there are ways that you can save time and make the most of your Disney vacation.

Here are my Top 10 Ways to Save Time at Walt Disney World

Buy Tickets in Advance: If you are planning a Disney vacation, chances are you have already completed this step. Congratulations! You are already ahead of the many guests who will be standing in line bright and early to purchase their tickets.

Stay at a Disney Resort: There are so many reasons to consider staying at a Disney resort, and I will talk about more about them in this post. Staying on-site keeps you close to the action and provides you with free transportation to and from the parks. Although Disney transportation can still take some time and you should plan your day accordingly, it will still be faster than calling a cab or driving in yourself. Staying on-site also allows you to book FastPass+ experiences and dining reservations in advance.

FastPass+: If you are staying at a Disney Resort during your vacation, you are able to book your FastPass+ reservations beginning 90 days before your trip. FastPass+ lets you pick choose a time to skip the lines for your must-do attractions. By booking your FastPass+ options in advance, each day you will be able to skip a minimum of three lines. That will save you at least a couple of hours!

Make Dining Reservations: Nothing is worse than waiting in line to eat when you are starving. As a chronic suffer of Hangry – I know these pains all too well. Another benefit of staying on-site at a Disney Resort is the ability to book your dining reservations beginning 180 days before your trip. Advance Dining Reservations allow you to plan your meals and know that you are heading for some amazing food throughout your day. Dining reservations will also save you time as you won’t have to run from restaurant to restaurant asking for a table opening.

Single Rider Line: Whether you are traveling alone or in a small group, consider using the Single Rider Line option. With this option, if there is an empty seat, you can jump right it! For example, if a group has a party of three, but the ride is set up to seat two people in each row, this would leave one seat unused for you to take! Single Rider Lines are shorter than the regular lines and allow you to save time by riding your favorite attractions faster.

Ride during Parade Times: Another way to save time riding attractions is to get in line about 20 minutes before a parade starts. Many guests stake out their viewing spot up to an hour before the parade actually starts. Because of this, lines for attractions go down. If you do not care about watching the parade, or aren’t worried about a prime viewing location, riding an attraction during this time can save on the amount of time you will wait in the queue.

Eat Breakfast on the Go: I am not really one for sitting down to a big breakfast before heading out to the parks for the day. I like to save time by packing some granola bars or fresh fruit in my park bag and snacking on the bus or while waiting in line.

My Disney Experience App: The My Disney Experience app is a great tool to help you save time! The app will update with real-time wait times so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Sure, maybe you were planning on heading to Big Thunder Mountain, but you just checked your app and Pirates of the Caribbean only has a 10 minute wait! Save time and ride Pirates now before the line gets any longer. With the My Disney Experience app you can also check on your FastPass+ times, dining reservations, character locations, etc.

Travel in the Off Season: This is probably the biggest over-all time saver that you can do. If you travel during the summer months or during a holiday, you are going to spend a lot of time waiting in line no matter what you do. If you choose to travel during the off-season, the parks are less busy which means that you will save a ton of time!

Extra Magic Hours: Another perk of staying at a Disney Resort is Extra Magic Hours. On select days and nights, a Disney park will either open early or stay open late for guests of Disney Resorts. Because the park is only open for Disney Resort guests at these times, the crowds are lighter and the lines are shorter. Also, many guests do not want to get up early or cannot stay out late with small children, so all resort guests do not take advantage of these times.

While it is definitely not possible to do it ALL at Disney during a one week vacation, there are many way to save yourself time and stress. Take advantage of your time at Disney with these time saving tips.

How do you save time at Disney? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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