Tomorrowland on Blu-Ray Combo Pack October 13th


The Disney Gods must have been smiling down on me last week! Not only did I receive an advanced copy of Aladdin, I also received Tomorrowland! I cannot tell you how excited I was!

I wanted to share my review of all the great special features with all of you before Tomorrowland hits stores tomorrow, October 13th.

Dreamers Wanted…Disney invites you to an incredible world of epic imagination where anything is possible. Buckle your seat belt, as the director of The Incredibles takes your family on an action-packed thrill ride.

Join former boy genius Frank (George Clooney), optimistic, science-minded teen Casey (Britt Robertson), mysterious Athena (Raffey Cassidy) and the brilliant David Nix (Hugh Laurie) in a world of pure Disney imagination. Tomorrowland transports you on an inspiring and magical journey of wonder and adventure to a place where if you can dream it, you can do it.

Available to own on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD on October 13th, this new release is the perfect edition to any Disney movie collection.

The first time I saw Tomorrowland, I had a few Disney fans geek out moments. For example, every time I caught of a glimpse of Space Mountain in the Tomorrowland skyline I had to control myself from yelling and pointing. Not to mention, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” acts as the score for the film and it works perfectly.

The new release features a ton of great Bonus Features that are great for the whole family.

Remembering the Future: A Personal Journey Through Tomorrowland with Brad Bird – The director reflects on the movie as both a celebration of humankind’s can-do spirit and a rousing call to action. This feature is great because it takes us behind the scenes of the film while also expanding to the greater purpose and message behind the movie.
Animated Short: The Origins of Plus Ultra – This is definitely my favorite Bonus Feature on the disc. This animated short originally played before Tomorrowland in theatres. Rather than being a cute short that has nothing to do with the film, Plus Ultra sets the stage for the story of Tomorrowland and gets viewers in the right mind set. The animation and narration reminded me of some of my favorite rides at Disney such as Spaceship earth and Living with the Land. The disc gives you the option of playing this short before the film and I definitely suggest this!
Casting Tomorrowland – Take a look at how casting for the film took place and why these actors are the perfect fit .
A Great Big Beautiful Scoring Session – This feature takes you behind the scenes and into the record room to show how the film’s music was brought to life. Richard Sherman makes an appearance here and as a complete fan of the Sherman Brothers work, I really enjoyed this.
The World of Tomorrow Science Hour: Hosted by Futurologist David Nix – This feature is set up as “outtakes from a long lost Disney series pilot” and features Hugh Laurie as David Nix. Nix is trying to explain the future of technology to a group of children, but maybe isn’t the most qualified teacher of young minds. This feature was a good laugh and a great addition to the disc.
Deleted Scenes – Bonus Features would not be complete without some deleted scenes! These scenes show how the movie was originally planned to be, and why different changes were made to make it the film it turned out to be.

Take an adventure to the future and make sure to pick up Tomorrowland when it hits stores on October 13th.

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