Thomas Wylde Unveils New Capsule Collection Inspired by Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

Designer Thomas Wylde revealed a new capsule wardrobe, inspired by Disney’s upcoming film “Alice Through the Looking Glass” at his New York Fashion week runway show.

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” hits theaters May 27, 2016 and this collection is a great way to help build fan anticipation.

The capsule wardrobe consists of three looks: White Queen, Red Queen, and Time.

Soo Koo, VP of Product Development Softlines, Disney, commented, “This capsule collection is inspired by street-meets-couture influences, a signature look for Thomas Wylde this fall and for characters from “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

White Queen Thomas Wlyde

White Queen: this high-low textured dress brings to mind images of snow melting into spring. Whimsical and imaginative, this pairing is sure to turn heads.

Red Queen Thomas Wlyde

Red Queen: inspired by the one and only Red Queen, this outfit is a tough, street wear look. The bright red blazer, black leather pants, and totally killer heals will have the whole royal court bowing before you.

Time Thomas Wlyde

Time: in this look, Wylde personifies Time as a living and breathing character, brought to life in shadowy black. The bright crimson accent adds a much needed splash of color and times in well with the other pieces in the collection.

What do you think of Thomas Wylde’s capsule wardrobe? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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