The Little Mermaid Purses on Sale at Hot Topic

I want to be, where the fashion is. I want to see, want to see the styles! Hello Fashion Fans! Hot Topic is at it again with another great Disney sale! If you are an Ariel fan, but aren’t interested in the seashell stuff, these tattoo inspired bags may be for you. Check out these fun, and maybe even a little edgy, Little Mermaid purses.

Ariel Canvas


The Ariel Striped Bag is perfect for a day walking around on, what do they call them? Oh, feet! I like the nautical vibe of the stripes, and the canvas is a nice choice for the warmer months.

Tattoo Bag

Looking for something a little darker? Head to the fathoms below with this black Ariel Tattoo Bag. Maybe it’s just me, but Ariel’s expression looks a little more sassy on this bag than on the nautical striped bag.

Ariel Bag Ariel Wallet

I really enjoy a matching wallet and purse set – it makes me feel like I really have it all together as an adult! But, my life wouldn’t be complete without some Disney style, so this is the perfect match! The Ariel Tattoo Embroidered Wallet and matching bag are great for the mermaid on the go! Store all of your treasures and never be without your whoosits and whatsits again.

Anchor Print

Set sail or cast anchor with this black and white Little Mermaid Anchor Print Satchel. If you are looking for something a little more subtle than the other bags, I think this one hits the mark. The black and white design is great to pair with any outfit.

What do you think of the Little Mermaid Bags from Hot Topic? Which one if your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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