New Nighttime Show Will Premiere in November at Walt Disney World

Big news coming from Walt Disney World today. A new nighttime projection show, “Once Upon a Time,” will debut at Magic Kingdom Park on November 4. This new show will replace the current “Celebrate the Magic” projection show, which will end… Continue Reading

Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Reveal

In the past months I have been sharing updates and previews of the merchandise that will be available for Magic Kingdom’s 45th anniversary later this year. Now, thanks to  Disney Parks Blog, I can share with you a look at… Continue Reading

Disney Without Kids: 10 Tips and Ideas

I have only been to Disney with kids a small handful of times. Most of my visits are adult only trips and I thoroughly enjoy planning and experiencing each one. Adult only Disney trips give you the freedom to explore… Continue Reading

Complete Guide to Walt Disney World for Star Wars Lovers

Star Wars has solidified itself as a pop-culture phenomenon that crosses generations to bring families and fans together. From the films, to the fashion, to the conventions, and now to Disney World – Stars Wars is here to stay! In… Continue Reading

Complete Guide to Walt Disney World for Princess Lovers

When I think of Disney, some of the first things to come to mind are the Disney Princesses. From the original Snow White, all the way to Anna and Elsa, these ladies have sparked imagination, creativity and bravery is so… Continue Reading

Top 5 Snacks at Magic Kingdom

When I tell people that I love the food at Walt Disney World, I usually get some strange looks from people who haven’t been to the park in years. The fact is, Disney offers some amazing food that is anything… Continue Reading

10 Unique Things to do at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World will always be my favorite vacation destination. There is just so much to see and do! Family and friends always ask me “but haven’t you done it all?!” and my answer is always a responding “NO!” From… Continue Reading

Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Sneak Peak

I love, love, love when new Disney Parks merchandise is released. Even more so when it is for a special event or celebration. With Magic Kingdom’s 45th Birthday coming up later this year, you know there is going to be… Continue Reading

How to Save Time on Disney Transportation

Learning the ins and outs of Disney Transportation can take quite a while, and at times can be frustrating. If you are looking to save time on Disney Transportation, these tips should definitely help. Disney has dedicated a lot of… Continue Reading

Top 5 Activities for Night Owls at Walt Disney World

I have always been a natural night owl, so when I am visiting Walt Disney World, I like to take advantage of all the amazing entertainment and experiences that only happen after the sun goes down. After the dinner crowds… Continue Reading