Split Dessert to Save Money at Disney

There are so many tempting treats and delectable goodies throughout Disney. I budget a good chunk of my money (and yearly calories) to sampling as many as I can throughout the parks. A great way to save money (and some of those calories) is to split dessert! Whether you are traveling with your significant other, or just trying to keep the kids from going to Neverland with sugar – consider this tip the next time you are ordering.

Most desserts on property are huge – giant rice crispy heads, specialty apples, cotton candy – there is always more than enough to share with someone else. You will save a bit on your sugar buzz, keep an extra few dollars in your pocket for the next treat you see, and in the end be able to sample more desserts along the way. Everybody wins – especially you! You can even ask for many of your desserts to be split up for you to share. Specialty apples can be cut up into slices, cupcakes can be cut in half – just ask and a Cast Member will be able to make your treat easier to share.


So next time you see a scrumptious something calling your name at Disney – go for it! But just share the sugar with someone else. What are your favorite desserts at Disney and would you share them? Let us know in the comments!

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