Oswald and Ortensia Merch Now at California Adventure

Okay, you all know about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, right? Oswald was Walt Disney’s first creation (yes, even before Mickey Mouse). And Ortensia was like his Minnie Mouse.  Anyways, now that I have given you a history lesson…

New merchandise featuring Oswald and Ortensia is now available at Disney California Adventure. The vintage style of clothing is perfect for reflecting Oswald’s long Disney history, and more styles will be rolled out all summer long. The new Oswald collection includes shirts, jackets, bags, mugs, key chains, and more! Ortensia will make her first appearance on new items which will include shirts and an open edition pin.


I really like the Ortensia t-shirt featured here. The flower sticking out from her hat is super cute, and the faded, vintage feel is perfect for the collection’s vibe.

In addition to apparel, new vinylmations and pins will also be released. I’m a big fan of vinylmations and this Oswald and Ortensia pair would look great next to a Mickey and Minnie vinyl set on my shelf.

Oswald and Ortensia

The Oswald ears were a huge hit at Disney Parks when they first released, and now Ortensia is getting her own style of ears. The headband style is great for summer because it lets your head breath and will help you stay cooler in the sun. I personally wish that there was a little more to the Ortensia ears – they just look a little unfinished to me.


What do you think of the new Oswald and Ortensia merchandise? Let me know  your thoughts in the comments.

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