New Line of Disney Princess Inspired Lipstick

Princess Lipstick

Attention all Disney Princesses! LA Splash Cosmetics just launched a new line of lipsticks that are inspired by Disney leading ladies. These shades are perfect for a day in the parks, shopping with friends, or a date night out.

The line includes 12 different shades, so I’m sure that you will be able to find an obsession worthy color. I am totally loving the Belle, Aurora, Duchess, and Lady colors. All of the lipsticks are waterproof, which is perfect for a leading lady’s busy lifestyle.

From the bright, rich purple inspired by Esmeralda, to the neutral of Nala, to dark and mysterious Evil Queen, this line has something for every personality, occasion, and skin tone.

I think Belle would be great for an everyday color to wear to work, Ariel would be really fun for cocktail hour, and then Lady for a night on the town with your favorite Prince Charming.

Each shade is going for as much as $21.00 on Amazon, but I found them here for $14.50 a piece.

What shade is your favorite out the collection? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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