New Dooney and Bourke Designs for Spring

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The Dooney and Bourke designers must not be getting much sleep, because three new Disney prints have just been announced. They are set for release in spring.

Mickey Through the Years

Mickey Thru The Years celebrates the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse. Images of Mickey are mixed and layered together to give carriers a good representation of different animation styles that have been used through the years since Mickey’s (as Steamboat Willie) debut in 1928. Sketches of Mickey heads, Steamboat Willie, and Sorcerer Mickey are scattered among posters of different Mickey drawings.

Totes, cross bodies, and zip wristlets will be available in this print. Set for release in early May, these bags will be a big hit. As one of the most recognizable international symbols, Mickey Mouse lovers everywhere will want one of these bags. These designs will be stocked at retail locations that already carry Dooney and Bourke items throughout Disney parks.

Consider choosing a larger style for this print, as the print itself is bigger than previous designs. The wristlet alone may not have all the posters because of its size. A tote or letter carrier would make it easier to ensure each type of Mickey is on your piece.

Dooney and Bourke

The second print, Romancing Minnie, is likely going to be popular. This couple dances, laughs, and kisses among hearts and their names written together. The illustrations of Mickey and Minnie resemble something casually drawn freehand and that makes this even more believable as a tribute to their live and long relationship.

This print could pass as sketches done by either mouse in a notebook while thinking of their loved one. Mickey and Minnie have been featured on other Dooney and Bourke prints together before, but this one is easily the sweetest.

These bags will be sold exclusively at Cherry Tree Lane inside the Marketplace Co-Op located in Disney Springs Marketplace. The target release period is mid-to- late May. Romancing Minnie will be available in cross body, zip wristlet, and zip satchel silhouettes. The placement on this bag will be tricky because of the large spacing between Mickey and Minnie sets separated by their name written inside the large heart. Be sure to take a look at several bags, especially wristlets, so that you find more of what you’re after.

Star Wars Dooney and Bourke

A new Star Wars themed collection is the final set of this release. In a Disney Dooney and Bourke first, the bags will be black leather with embossed Star Wars icons and characters. These pieces are ideal for those seeking a subtle way to show off their fandom.

As with Mickey Thru The Years, this set will be available in tote, cross body, and zip wristlet styles. The items will be available in Hollywood Studios at Legends of Hollywood and in The Star Trader at Disneyland in mid-to- late May. Placement is less of an issue with this bag due to good spacing and good distribution of each image. Darth Vader’s helmet looks right at home on a black bag.

New designs are always exciting and these are sure to please ladies everywhere. Be on the lookout for these new pieces the next time you’re at the parks.

About Emily:

Emily escapes the craziness of New York with her trips to Disney World. She always keeps some part of the magic with her by carrying a Disney bag or wearing a stack of Disney Alex and Ani bracelets. She travels to Disney World for at least two weeks every year and hopes to make it over to Disneyland and the international locations sometime soon. She is currently facing the challenge of finding a new favorite Disney snack, which were the sweet cream cheese-filled pretzel at Launching Pad and the chocolate-covered pretzel rods from Goofy’s Candy Co.

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