MAGIC FOR ALL – Uniqlo is Back with Another Disney Collection

It’s no secret that I love Disney fashion! Really, any new Disney inspired line has me dropping everything to drool over my computer screen (and usually reach for my credit card). So of course, I was excited to here that Uniqlo has launched a new line, “Magic for All.”

Uniqlo describes their collaboration with Disney on their site as “images of characters – loved by people of all ages from all over the world – featured on UNIQLO’s joyous items. A project with UNIQLO and Disney, which continues to create and deliver a world of dreams and fairy tales.”

Dreams, and fairy tales, and Magic for All! Let’s take a closer look at the new collection!

Magic for All focuses on the classic icons of Mickey and Minnie Mouse (with a little Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White thrown in too). The designs are simple and clean and perfect for everyday wear.

Uniqlo Mickey Mouse Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Short Sleve T-Shirt










I love these Mickey and Minnie Short Sleeve Graphic T-shirts! The stripes on the sleeves and waist add a touch of nostalgia – I’m thinking vintage collegiate wear. These would be so perfect for a Saturday of running errands or running around with the kids.

Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo Mickey and Minnie Mouse Graphic T-Shirt

Uniqlo Mickey Mouse Short Sleave Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo Lots of Minnie's T-Shirt

I’m sucker for black and gray – I love how anything in black automatically just looks and feels better! These graphic t-shirts are super cute and with definitely add some magic to any outfit. Pair with dark skinny jeans and a pair of black ballet flats for the perfect Disney outfit.

Uniqlo Minnie Mouse T-Shirt Uniqlo Mickey Mouse T-Shirt

Classic silhouettes of classic characters – you just can’t go wrong with these. The Minnie Mouse shirt has me dreaming of spring and warmer weather!

Uniqlo Short Sleeve Sweatshirt Toy Story Uniqlo Short Sleeve Pullover Toy Story

I told you there was some Toy Story in this new collection. These short sleeve pullovers are so adorable! I really love the sketches of the Toy Story characters on the white one, but the phrase “I have been chosen” is really winning me over too. These are definitely unique and something that I haven’t seen before.

Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Never Stop Dreaming Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Long Sleeve Graphic Pullover Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Colorful Pullover Hoodie Uniqlo Mickey Mouse Pullover Hoodie

Finally, I really love sweatshirts! Living in Michigan, I am able to get some use out of them pretty much year round. The new Magic for All collection has so many great sweatshirt designs to choose from, that it is impossible to pick just one! I love the message on the Never Stop Dreaming pullover, the classic silhouette of Minnie Mouse on the gray hoodie, the repeated images on the navy hoodie, and the bright colors of the striped Mickey Mouse hoodie – I might just have to get all 4!

This is just a sample of some of my favorite looks from the new collection – you can check out even more designs from Magic For All on Uniqlo’s site. Happy shopping!


What design is you favorite from the collection? I would love to hear your thoughts and Disney fashion tips in the comments!


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