In a Disney Minute: Best Shoes to Wear at Disney

Packing for Disney can be a chore. I mean, I get excited putting my outfits together and thinking about what I will be doing each day, but I’m always a little stressed that I’m going to forget something or the weather is going to make a complete turn for the worse.¬†And then of course, you have to pack shoes. Sneakers, flats, sandals, flip-flops – there are a ton of options.

What is the best shoe to wear at Disney? The answer is simple – the most comfortable pair!

For me, it is not comfortable to walk around for 12 hours in flip-flops. By the end of the day my arches will ache and I’ll have blisters, neither is a great way to start a vacation.¬†Honestly, I really like Skechers (and no, I am not being paid to say this – I wish!). I’ve had good luck with Skechers Memory Foam and Goga Mat styles in the parks and they keep my feet comfy during the long days.

For my last trip, I took both of these styles with me.

Skechers 2 Skechers

I like to pack a couple different shoe options for my trip and I do this for a couple of reasons…

1) For me, sneakers are the most comfortable shoe to wear for walking and standing all day, so I usually choose them over sandals.

2) I like a couple different sneaker options to pair with my outfits.

3) If one pair gets soaked in a rain storm, I have another pair to wear while those dry out.

4) Sometimes the shoes that felt the best in the store, will still start rubbing you the wrong way by the second day, so having options to switch between it great.

5) It’s nice to wear a pair of sneakers to the park all day, and then change into some cute sandals for dinner later on.

It really comes down to what you are most comfortable in. Disney is not a runway, so please don’t put your week through the pain of wearing heels, wedges, or uncomfortable sandals. Make sure that you fully break your shoes in before your trip. I like to walk with mine for a couple miles on the treadmill before I feel that they are truly park-ready.

What is your favorite shoes to wear at Disney? Let me know if the comments

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