Epcot Food and Wine Festival Merchandise Preview

I am already way over budget for my upcoming Walt Disney World vacation in October. There are just so many things I want to do; behind the scenes tours, amazing restaurants, special fireworks and dining events, and of course, Food and Wine Festival.

On Wednesday, Disney Parks Blog released a preview of the merchandise that will be available for the 20th anniversary of Food and Wine Festival. I am reaching for my credit card already!

Food and Wine

Of course the first thing I noticed here is a new Dooney and Bourke design!! I love it so much! I really like how the background is a dark blue, rather than black, which compliments the light brown leather accents really nicely.

Food and Wine 2

I am really like the color palette they chose for the clothing, the grays and white really make the purple and red pop. I am not the biggest fan of Figment (hey, you either love him or hate him), but the dark gray shirt just might make it home with me after the festival. I think the chef’s hat would be a cute souvenir for kids who are interested in helping their parents cook in the kitchen.

Food and Wine 3

I’m a sucker for wine glasses and kitchen wares, and these festival wine glasses are great! They will definitely be an added addition to my wine rack later this year.

Food and Wine 4

More purses!!! I may have a bit of an obsession. Moving on, the Swedish chefs Vinylmations are super cute and a great addition to any Vinylmation collection. I think the dinner ware is nicely designed, though I can’t see myself using them on a daily basis, and for the price tag that I’m sure they come with, they may be too pricey to only use once or twice a year.

Food and Wine 5

These tea towels and cooler are my favorite from this group. I like the idea of bringing my lunch to work in a Food and Wine Festival lunch pack. I’m interested to find out how big it actually is and whether it would be good for every day lunches, or more for packing a cooler to take to the beach.

Overall, I’m excited about this merchandise preview. I’m loving the classic designs and color palette and I can’t wait to visit the parks and see move of what they have to offer.

Which products are you most excited about? Let me know if the comments.

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