DisneyBounding – Queen of Hearts

I was feeling a case of the Tuesdays today – not quite a Monday where sure, the work week is starting anew but you also have the promise of a new week full of possibilities ahead, and not a Wednesday where its hump day and you are halfway to your weekend salvation – so I decided I needed to bring a little Disney into my life to get through it. DisneyBounding has become quite a phenomenon among our fandom and I occasionally dabble in the depths of character dress appreciation. Today I have chosen to explore my inner Queen of Hearts with my outfit.

Queen of Hearts

I used the classic red and black color palette of the Queen in question to create this casual work look.

Queen of Hearts

I love cardigans, so this is a typical outfit for me anyway. Add in my favorite pair of black motorcycle boots and I feel ready to play to croquet!

Queen of Hearts

I’m painting the roses red with my floral scarf and bright red lipstick. Alas, I do not own red rose or heart shaped earrings to really complete the look, so I went with a red and gray jewel earring instead.

How did I do? Do I pass the royal examination or is it off with my head?

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