DisneyBounding – Eeyore

I had so much fun DisneyBounding the Queen of Hearts last week I decided to make it a regular weekly event. I love finding small ways to bring Disney into my everyday life to make it a little more magical, and the subtle addition of character themed dressing is just the right fit.

As a kid (and as an adult), I loved Eeyore more than any other character. Sure, he is probably clinically depressed, but there is something about him that is just so sweet. He cares about his friends even when he has a rain cloud following him around. He was a much more understated character than Tigger or Piglet, and his soft gray color palette is an enviable fashion statement.

eeyore 4

I have tried to reflect my favorite Donkey with gray skinny jeans, a gray and silver sweater, gray summer trainers, and a tail-worthy hair bow of my own creation. I used a lot of pale pinks in my make-up to brighten the look and reflect they soft pinks of his ears.

Eeyore 1

Eeyore 2

Eeyore 3


Although I may have dressed as the gloomy, lovable Eeyore, I definitely had a pep in my step with this DisneyBounding outfit! What character from Winnie the Pooh would you like to emulate?

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