Disney DIY – Host Your Own Dumbo Themed Night

I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to work more Disney into my life. Recently, my friends and I have started a new magical tradition! We are working our way through the Disney animated films canon. But we are doing this with regularly scheduled theme nights!

The idea is pretty simple. Watch all the Disney animated films in order. For each movie night; create a drink, entree, and dessert that is within the theme of the film.┬áLast night’s film was Dumbo.

Dumbo was released in 1941 and was deliberately made with simplicity and economy in mind. The Disney Studio was looking to recoup some financial losses from Fantasia, so this film was all about budget!

With a budget circus in mind, we set up to create our menu!

Drink: Orange Creamsicle

An orange creamsicle cocktail is a super easy and extremely delicious blast from the past. This drink will remind you of a more boozy version of your childhood! All you need is two ingredients: Whipped Cream vodka and orange juice. If you don’t have Whipped Cream vodka, vanilla or marshmallow would work as well. The benefit of this drink is you can make it as boozy as you want! We added approximately 2 ounces of vodka to 8 ounces of juice. Mix with ice and you are ready to party.

For a variation, add sparkling water or replace orange juice with Orange Crush soda.

Entree: Corn Dogs, Soft Pretzels with dipping cheese, Mini Tacos

I don’t have a recipe to share here because we bought everything from the frozen food aisle of our local grocery store. That would Kroger for all you Michiganders and Midwesterners out there! A package of State Fair corn dogs, a box of soft pretzels, a jar of you favorite queso sauce (you can make your own if you are feeling extra fancy), and a box of mini tacos is all it took to bring this themed meal to life.

This meal proves that you don’t have to break the bank, cook all day, or eat with your pinky out to throw a fun theme night. It’s really all about the people and the atmosphere. Food is just a bonus!

Dessert: Caramel apple slices, Funfetti cupcakes

In keeping with our frugal circus theme, we kept things simple for dessert. I cut up a few apples into slices and paired with some caramel sauce to recreate that iconic caramel apple. For me, any fair is not complete with the purchase of a caramel apple!

And since we love our sweets, we ended the night with Funfetti cupcakes.

Throwing your own Disney theme night doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Just gather your favorite people, some good food and pour yourself a drink.

What would kind of food would you make for a Dumbo themed movie night? Let me know your Disney DIY thoughts in the comments.



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