Dad Designs Disney Costumes for His Kids

As we just celebrated Father’s Day a few days ago, I want to bring you this Disney Dad story.

Based in California, Nephi Garcia is a fashion designer who creates amazing, one of a kind costumes for his children and wife to Disney cosplay with. Nephi calls himself Designer Daddy on Instagram.

His designs are stunning and truly magical. As you saw in the video, many of his creations are able to transform themselves without the use of a magic wand!
Nephi Garcia Cinderella

Here, his daughter Lili poses as Cinderella while the birds finish her pink dress for the ball. The way that Nephi has created this gown makes it look as if it’s in a perpetual state of motion. I mean, the birds are actually hovering here!

Nephi Garcia Little Mermaid

Here is Lili posed on The Little Mermaid, listening to the ocean while soaking up some sun. Can you believe that this is probably the most simple design from this Designer Daddy?

Nephi Garcia The Evil Queen

I love this version of Regina Mills, aka The Evil Queen from Once Upon on Time. Everything from the costume, hair, and accessories is perfect in this cosplay! Not to mention the pose from this fabulous fashionista!

Nephi Garcia Mad Hatter

Nephi’s son, Eddy, gets in on the fun with this spot-on Mad Hatter costume. The attention to detail is just amazing.

Nephi Garcia Ariel

Nephi’s wife, Bethanie, is one lucky Princess! Here she poses as Ariel in this ridiculously beautiful gown. I bet she never has to complain about having nothing to wear out!

Nephi Garcia Be our Guest

And here is the man himself…kind of. Nephi and Bethanie are the perfect Beauty and the Beast cosplay. Seriously, this Dad is so talented!

Garcia also designs original dresses, which you can order on his website. Because of his incredible designs and immense popularity, his entire website is currently sold out. However, there is a statement that he is “currently working on a mass-produced Designer Daddy line to accommodate all budgets.”

Yes, please!

What do you think of this Designer Daddy’s gowns and cosplay? Let me know what your favorite design is in the comments!

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