CoverGirl Will Release a Star Wars Themed Collection in September



Attention Fangirls, Beauty Queens and makeup lovers everywhere! CoverGirl Cosmetics is partnering with Star Wars to create a beauty line that is out of this galaxy. The new collection was designed by makeup artist Pat McGrath and hits store shelves on September 4th.

This gives you roughly three months to master your Star Wars look before the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18th.

The new line will be based on the much anticipated film Star Wars: The Force Awakens and features 19 products, including C-3PO gold and Stormtrooper silver lipsticks, 3 different nail polishes, and limited-edition mascaras. The products will feature quotes from the upcoming film.

The line is split into Dark Side and Light Side products you so can choose your side, or mix and match depending on your mood.

Or maybe you can choose your mascara depending on the movie quote you want to live your day by. There are 10 (!!)Super Sizer Mascaras in the collection and each has its own unique quote.

1. May the Force Be With You
2. Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try.
3. You’re My Only Hope
4. I Feel the Good in You
5. Luminous Beings Are We
6. I Will Finish What You Started
7. There Has Been an Awakening
8. Indeed You are Powerful
9. You Will Meet Your Destiny
10. Immune to the Light

I think these sound really fun and like a great way to start your day. Who doesn’t need a little Star Wars themed pick me up in the morning?

Also in the new collection The Covergirl Colorlicious Lipsticks run between $5.99 – $7.99.


I am not sure if I can pull off a silver lipstick, but I have my eye on that rose and peach color.

What do you think of this new collection? Do you have a favorite product already? Are you excited to try it out, or does it have you running far, far away? Let me know what you think in the comments below?

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