Coolest Summer Ever – Top 5 “Cool” Rides at Magic Kingdom

Now that it is officially summer, the Florida heat is about to be sweltering. From June to August, the average high temperature at Walt Disney World is a scorching 92 degrees. High heat, long days, and tired feet can lead to a not so magical meltdown. But don’t worry – there are ways to survive! Stay hydrated, seek out some shade for a mid-day break, and enjoy the many air conditioned attractions at each park.

Beat the heat and enjoy some of these “cool” rides

Magic Kingdom

1. Haunted Mansion – much of the queue is nestled in the shady landscaping of the mansion, and once you are indoors, the cool, dark atmosphere is perfect for cooling down. Climb aboard and Doom Buggy and relax with the 999 Happy Haunts

2. It’s a Small World – okay, admittedly, I do not like this attraction. The song eats at a little part of my soul each time I ride, and the clicking sound that the dolls make when they move and blink really creeps me out. However, the whole ride is air-conditioned! If you don’t mind humming the ride music for the rest of your life, board a boat and cool down.

small world

3. Monsters Inc Laugh Floor – Looking for a laugh? Check out Monsters Inc Laugh Floor where different monsters from Monstropolis will tell you jokes. The air-conditioned theater is a great place to escape the heat for the 15 minute show.

4. Space Mountain – If you are looking for more a thrill, check out Space Mountain. While the ride itself is not very long, the line beforehand usually is and the whole queue is indoors and air-conditioned. This is great for those really hot days where you just want to stand inside for a while.

Space Mountain

5. Carousel of Progress – I’ve talked about this attraction a lot. I never want to see it leave Magic Kingdom, and it’s a great spot for a mid-day break. They really pump the AC into this attraction, and the seats are fairly comfortable. This is definitely a break place to escape the heat.

There are ways to beat the heat throughout Magic Kingdom, but the best plan is to plan ahead. Schedule your outdoor attractions for the early morning and evening when the sun is not as intense and use the cool, indoor rides for peak heat hours. Just remember to stay hydrated and seek out shade and AC when you need it.

What is your favorite way to cool down at Magic Kingdom? Leave your tips in the comments!

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