Coolest Summer Ever – Top 5 “Cool” Rides at Hollywood Studios

Now that it is officially summer, the Florida heat is about to be sweltering. From June to August, the average high temperature at Walt Disney World is a scorching 92 degrees. High heat, long days, and tired feet can lead to a not so magical meltdown. But don’t worry – there are ways to survive! Stay hydrated, seek out some shade for a mid-day break, and enjoy the many air conditioned attractions at each park.

Beat the heat and enjoy some of these “cool” rides

Hollywood Studios

Okay, disclaimer first, many of these aren’t actually rides. More like attractions. You’ve been disclaimed.

1. One Man’s Dream – I’m listing this first out of pure love and respect for Walt. None of this would have been possible without him. Take as much time as you would like to explore the story behind the Man and the Mouse in this fully air-conditioned exhibit.

2. Voyage of the Little Mermaid – If you are travelling with little Princesses, this show is a must-do. This 17-minute live production will take you under the sea – the cool, dark, air-conditioned sea.

3. The Great Movie Ride – this way be my favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios. I love the movies, and this ride has everything I could ask for; adventure, intrigue, gangsters, cowboys, and air-conditioning. There is a lengthy indoor queue, and the ride itself is 22 minutes, so you will be sure to have plenty of time to cool off.

Great Movie Ride

4. The Magic of Disney Animation – another place where you can really take your time and explore, this exhibit takes a look at how Disney films are brought to life through artistry and magic. I love this place to cool down, and it is also a great place to escape an afternoon rain storm. Housed in the same building are also character meet and greets.

5. Tower of Terror – for the thrill seeker in your group, Tower of Terror is a must do. Depending on how busy the ride is, much of the que can be outdoors, but once you are inside the dilapidating hotel, you will have plenty of time to cool down before boarding your elevator to the Twilight Zone.

Tower of Terror

There are ways to beat the heat throughout all of Hollywood Studios, but the best plan is to plan ahead. Schedule your outdoor attractions for the early morning and evening when the sun is not as intense and use the cool, indoor rides for peak heat hours. Just remember to stay hydrated and seek out shade and AC when you need it.

What is your favorite way to cool down at Hollywood Studios? Leave your tips in the comments!

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