Coolest Summer Ever – Top 5 “Cool” Rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Now that it is officially summer, the Florida heat is about to be sweltering. From June to August, the average high temperature at Walt Disney World is a scorching 92 degrees. High heat, long days, and tired feet can lead to a not so magical meltdown. But don’t worry – there are ways to survive! Stay hydrated, seek out some shade for a mid-day break, and enjoy the many air conditioned attractions at each park.

Beat the heat and enjoy some of these “cool” rides

Animal Kingdom
1. Kali River Rapids – this may be an extreme way to cool down, but if you are looking for a quick cool down, you are sure to get soaked on this ride. But don’t worry, the unrelenting Florida heat will have you dry again in no time.
2. Finding Nemo – the Musical – sing along with Nemo and Friends during this 35 minute air-conditioned show. This is a great place to get off your feet for a while and relax before continuing with your day.
3. The Festival of the Lion King – do prepared for a lengthy wait outdoors in the sun before the show starts, but once it does, you are in for 30 minutes of air-conditioned brilliance. The Festival of the Lion King is one of my favorite shows on property and is defiantly a do-not-miss attraction.
4. It’s Tough to Be a Bug – this attraction can also have a lengthy wait outdoors, but the queue is mostly shaded. Once inside the tree of life, you will meet up with Flick and his other bug friends to learn the hardships of life as a bug. I usually avoid this attraction because I really hate bugs and it gives me anxiety to have 3D versions of them flying at me.

Tree of Life
5. Dinosaur – the actually ride is pretty sure at just over 3 minutes, but the inside queue is nice and cool. If you can catch this ride with a low-wait time, definitely check it out. Be warned though, it may be slightly terrifying for younger children (or wimpy adults like myself).


There are ways to beat the heat throughout Animal Kingdom, but the best plan is to plan ahead. Schedule your outdoor attractions for the early morning and evening when the sun is not as intense and use the cool, indoor rides for peak heat hours. Just remember to stay hydrated and seek out shade and AC when you need it.
What is your favorite way to cool down at Animal Kingdom? Leave your tips in the comments!

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