Cinderella Inspired Make-Up Hits Shelves at Walgreens

Yesterday, while I was walking around Ann Arbor, avoiding going back to work, I entered Walgreens on a mission for snacks. However, what I found was so much more magical!

SOHO has created a new Cinderella inspired make-up and accessory line for Walgreens. The collection features everything a Disney Princess could want; lip gloss, eye shadow, make-up bags, liquid eyeliner, and more! The best part? Everything it total affordable!

First, I have an unnatural obsession for make-up bags. I just love how pretty they are and the promise they give of organizing all my stuff. These Cinderella bags are no exception – I love them all! I really love that the line features multiple patterns and sizes. You can choose your favorite, or collect them all.

Cinderella Weekend

Cinderella Carriage Wristlet

Cinderella Wristlet

Cinderella 2 Piece Clutch Set

Now, on to the make-up!

The Ready of the Ball Beauty Book is an all-in-on purchase that features eyeshadow, blush, eye pencil, lip-gloss, and brush. If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, this set is definitely for you at only $9.99

Cinderella Beauty Book

If you’re looking for simple a little more simple – then check out these smaller sets of lip gloss and liquid eyeliner. I love the fun metallic colors of the eyeliner, which would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party or the transitions from winter to spring (is it spring yet??). The lip gloss is subtle and great for everyday wear. You won’t have to worry about bright red lips standing out in the office (not that there is anything wrong with that!) with these shades. Each set is $4.99, so you can definitely pick up both to complete your collection.

Cinderella Lipgloss

Cinderella Liquid Eyeliner

The SOHO Cinderella line also features items that are available in store only including this HUGE eye-shadow set, hand cream, and eye-shadow primer. I feel like the eye shadow set is too big to be completely practically. I mean, where would I store this?

SOHO Cinderella

Cinderella Eye shadow

Now, I will say that I didn’t purchase any of these items, although I did squeal in delight at seeing it all displayed together. I really love Cinderella, and this seems like a more updated version of the classic film. My favorite pieces are definitely the make-up bags – they are just so shiny and pretty!

I’m really interested in hearing how you feel about this line! Do you love it or are you lukewarm? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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