Alice Through the Looking Glass Fashion Collaboration

Disney is at it again with ANOTHER fashion collaboration. Seriously, do these people sleep? Now they have teamed up with Seduce, a high end street fashion brand from Australia. This is the first time Disney has partnered with this sort of label.

The collection called The Wonderland Collection, is of course, inspired by the recent film Alice Through the Looking Glass. This collection is more couture then some of the other recent collaborations we have been seeing. And honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet.

The first look photos that were released feature model Megan Blake Irwin in a very stylized set, striking some very stylized poses. From these photos only, I was not a fan of what I saw.

However, after digging a little deeper and finding the stock images from the Seduce x Disney collection – the pieces aren’t as impractical as they first seem. There are actually some cute dresses and classic cuts worked into the mix.

But I’ll let you decide what to think. Let’s get to these photo shoot pictures!

Wonderland Collection 1 Wonderland Collection 6


“Time is an important new character in Alice Through The Looking Glass inspiring our statement monochrome story, Every Second Counts. This eye-catching design includes guest appearances from the White Rabbit, a clock, cards, keys, drink me bottles, flamingoes, an iconic A and teacups, all with a beautiful border of intricate swirl detailing and the text “curiouser and curiouser” running along the edges. Then, to add to the madness, the print is flipped up, down and topsy turvy… almost as if you had fallen down a rabbit hole.”

Wonderland Collection 2 Wonderland Collection 3


“Created in reference to one of our favourite scenes, Where Alice meets the talking flowers! Inspired by a a scene pulled from the movie, It features not only the talking flowers hiding amongst the wildlife but also appearances by Alice herself, The Cheshire Cat, The Field mouse, The White Rabbit and even The Mad Hatter’s Hat! This story is sure to surprise and delight with it’s subtle nod to Disney imagery whilst also being a stunning, vibrant floral print!”

Wonderland Collection Wonderland Collection 7


“The Mad Hatter is having a tea party and everyone is invited. This soft delicate print recreates the feeling of the Mad Hatter’s Tea party with all of the characters we remember and love; The talking flowers, the cards, The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Absolem and, of course, Alice.”

Do you see what I mean about the stylized aspect of the photos? Don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely GORGEOUS shots! But nothing about the way the clothes are presented makes me want to buy them. Or makes them even look wearable in a more practical sense.

Now, here are the stock photos of the same pieces…

Stock Wonderland 2 Stock Wonderland 3 Stock Wonderland

Doesn’t it look like a completely different collection? I do see the Alice aspects of the designs coming through – but I’m really not seeing much of a Disney touch here.

What do you think of the new Disney fashion collaboration? Is Seduce x Disney seducing you? Or do these styles need to stay down the rabbit hole? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you to Grazia and Seduce for the images and information!

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