Alice in Wonderland Inspired Shoe Line from Irregular Choice

All Mad Here All Mad Here 2

All Mad Here

The UK company Irregular Choice has partnered with Disney to create a line of shoes inspired by the Disney animated classic, Alice in Wonderland.

These shoes are straight out of Wonderland – topsy turvy and totally crazy – but in a good way! The collection will feature both flat and heels designed with everyone’s favorite Wonderland characters.

Cheshire Cat Chesire Flat

Cheshire Flat

Chesire Cat Heel Chesire Cat Heel 2

Cheshire Cat Heel

Whether you are a fan of Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, or you just love a good very merry unbirthday, this collection will definitely spark your imagination.

For this collection, Disney closely partnered with Irregular Choice and it sounds like they had a hand in every small detail.

“Disney wanted us to do the classic movie, and it is very important that you do not cross reference between the film/books etc. We had to be true to the original film only,” Dan Sullivan, Irregular Choice owner and main designer said.

Flowers Can't Talk Flower's Can't Talk 2

Flowers Can’t Talk

“The most difficult part is that there is no leeway for error or adapting if something doesn’t look perfect. Everything has to be exactly angled and proportioned as per Disney guidelines for that character,” he said. “The best bit is that we have created shoes that totally represent Alice in Wonderland correctly to exact specification and are a homage to the characters I was inspired by as a kid.”

One Lump or Two

One Lump or Two 2

One Lump or Two?

The Alice in Wonderland line will launch on February 26 in London. The shoes will then be available in select store and on the company’s website and will run between $184 and $381.

From what I can tell, the cost of these fanciful shoes does not also provide an occasion for which to wear them. My favorite shoes in the collection are the tea-party themed One Lump or Two? But I have absolutely no idea where I would wear them!

What do you think of the collection? I would really love to here your thoughts on these in the comments.

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