5 Tips for Tipping at Disney


If you are planning a Disney vacations, most of your trip is paid for before you even arrive on property. However, there are still expenses that you need to budget for including meals (if you aren’t on the dining plan), souvenirs, and tipping.

Who should you tip at Disney, and how much? Here are 5 tips for tipping at Disney.

1) Mousekeeping: The general rule of thumb for tipping Mousekeeping is $1.00 per day, for each person in the room. For example, if you are a family of 4 staying for 5 nights, you would tip $20.00. Although it is not required to tip Mousekeeping, it is always a nice gesture.
2) Luggage: You know you over packed. You know your luggage is heavy. I usually tip $1-$2 per bag for anyone that helps me with my luggage. If you are using the Magical Express, you probably will not see the person who delivers your bags to your room.
3) Dining: Just like restaurants outside of Disney, tipping is expected after a table service meal. Even if you are using the Disney Dining plan, you should still leave a tip for the wait staff. This can be done with cash, credit/debit, or using your magic band. Generally, tipping between 18%-20% is good. For parties of 6 or more, Disney will automatically add an 18% tip to the bill.
4) Salon Services: whether you are receiving a massage at The Grand Floridian, a hair-cut at the barber shop, or your little girl is becoming a Princess at Bibbity-Bobbity Boutique – you should still consider tipping the same as you would at a salon back home. I try to aim for 20% for these services.
5) Drivers: If you are using valet or another car service, make sure to tip your driver. For valet, I usually go with a couple of dollars, depending on the weather. I have even seen people tip the Disney bus drivers, although I feel like this is rare.

Did I miss anyone that should be getting a tip at Disney? Let me know your thoughts about tipping at Disney in the comments.

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