10 Signs You Might be a Disney Princess

1. Your BFF is an animal

2. You have perfect hair

Princess hair
3. Someone always has your back

4. You don’t know your real parents

Mother Gothel
5. You dream of something more

Belle Adventure
6. You wear the same outfit pretty much everyday

DP Dresses and outfits
7. Finding your Prince Charming wasn’t easy

Prince Charming
8. Nobody understands you

Ariel and Triton
9. You were a teen bride

Disney Princess Ages
10. You’ve experience some form of evil magic – but you overcame it!

Ariel and Ursula

Princess Tiana as frog


Scene from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

If any of these sound like you, you just may be a Disney Princess! Congratulations! Time you grad your Prince Charming, head for the castle and live happily ever after.

**None of the photos used in this post are my own**

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