10 Excuses to Take a Disney Vacation


Real life/work life has been hard lately. Between deadlines at the office, spring cleaning my apartment, and what seems like a million commitments to a million different people, these last few weeks have me feeling pretty burned out. Needless to say, I am missing a healthy dose of pixie dust in my life!

This got me thinking of excuses I could use to take a Disney vacation! On the daily, I think about packing my bags and driving straight to Disney World. I’m sure my boss would understand, right?


But I still daydream of Main Street USA, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Dole Whips all day at the office.

Here are my top 10 excuses to take a Disney vacation

1.) It will make me more productive: Everyone deserves a break from the work burnout. I truly think that if I could spend one week each quarter at Disney World, I would be a much more productive and pleasant employee during the time I was in the office.

2.) Vacations lower stress levels: I’m pretty sure this is a scientific fact, and who I am to argue with science?

3.) Market research: Each time I visit Disney I think up new blog ideas, I’m able to review new restaurants, and I can check out new attractions and events going on in the parks. A Disney vacation is more like research anyway, right?

4.) Dole Whips are healthy: Pineapples are full of vitamin C, so really, I’m just protecting myself from cold and flu season. My co-workers should appreciate that!

5.) I’m helping the economy: Not that Disney needs help lining its pockets, but there is something to say for supporting the market, right?

6.) Strengthen my relationship: Aaron and I have a blast when we go on vacation together. Taking another Disney vacation is really just an investment in the future of our relationship.

7.) Vitamin D: Sure, the Florida sun is intense, but it also promotes the absorption of Vitamin D. Therefore, by going to Disney, I will be a healthier person. Again, this is science people!

8.) I’ll stop whining about wanting to go to Disney: and this will benefit everyone around me.

9.) It will help me save money: generally, I have a very hard time saving money – except when I have a Disney vacation to plan for! Planning for Disney will help me learn and develop good money savings habits.

10.) Reestablish lost connections: I have friends who still work at Disney, or live in the Orlando area. During my real life in Michigan, I do not get to talk to them as much as I would like. Taking a Disney vacation will allow me to reconnect with my friends, which is healthy for the psyche.

I mean, based on my observations, the science does not lie! Taking a Disney vacation would support my mind, body and soul. Now all I have to do is ask for the time off and start planning!

What are your excuses to take a Disney vacation? Let me know in the comments!

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